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Illumination Analytics - Health Profiles

Illumination Analytics

WinCare has an interface with Illumination Analytics to aide in their creation of your facilities Health Profiles.

The healthcare industry is changing dramatically. Knowing your facility’s health metrics will soon be a prerequisite for referrals. Emphasis will be on communities that reduce hospitalizations and bounce-backs.

Get ready now with HEALTH PROFILES that direct you specifically where and how to be proactive with your resident population. Our “At-a-Glance” Health Profiles can help you stabilize failing health, reduce resident turnover and increase referrals.

llumination Analytics is part of a greater vision of Healthcare for seniors that seeks to promote the Triple Aim of health reform:

  • Better Health for seniors, especially those in Assisted and Independent Living Communities.
  • Better Care for individual seniors by providing analytics that will enhance health management in senior communities as well as supporting healthcare models that bring the doctor directly to them.
  • Lower Cost of overall healthcare of seniors by keeping them healthier, more independent, and out of high cost facilities.


With HEALTH PROFILES from Illumination Analytics, communities “visualize” the metrics that describe the health of their residents using “At-a-Glance”, easy-to-understand dashboards. This improves marketing conversations with prospects and demonstrates care excellence to partners and referral sources.

  • Easy-to-share statistics about existing resident population
  • Clear knowledge of prevalent chronic health conditions within your community
  • Awareness of type and number of prescribed medications
  • Recommended areas for resident programming to improve health and well-being
  • Targets staff education tailored to community needs
  • Heightened awareness of possible warning signs
  • Opportunities to reduce hospitalizations and transfers
  • Informed staffing decisions

For more information on Illumination Analytics please visit their website: Illumination Analytics

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