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At MIT LLC we believe that it does not end with great software, great support completes the package.  We include a number of support services for our software users to ensure you get the most out of your investment. These services include Round-The-Clock Support, software maintenance, updates, custom programming, and much more. In addition, we offer several other support services on a fee-based model. Please contact us for all the details.



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Support Policies Guidelines

MIT LLC provides a toll-free unlimited telephone support to clients using WinCare products. During normal working hours at MIT LLC 0800 PST to 1600 PST you will always reach a live person to assist you. The policy is that the telephone will not ring more than three times before it is answered. There is no press this button or that button. After normal working hours, the local commercial Telephone Answering Service will answer the phone and if it is an issue that you need to resolve immediately, the answering service will page the 'on call' person who will return the call within fifteen (15) minutes.

The support fee that the facility pays guarantees FREE WinCare software updates and unlimited toll-free telephone support. FREE unlimited telephone support cannot be used in lieu of training. If the facility has not taken our training course for the software purchased, any service call will be billable regardless of the nature of the problem, providing it is not a 'BUG' in the program. 'Bugs' in the program will be fixed ASAP and at no charge to the facility.

If the facility has had training and the nature of the problem is something that was not covered in training, there would not be an extra charge. If the call deals with a nursing type question that can be found in the RAI manual or if the problem deals with a printer or because the printer setup was not recorded, etc., there is a charge. There is also a charge for 'user' error calls. There is NEVER a charge if WinCare is not doing the functions that it was designed to do.

Do facilities have to accept MIT LLC's Support Agreement? No, however, each update will cost $3000.00.

WinCare updates are planned at a minimum semi annual rate, provided that support fees are current.

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