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LTC facilities using WinCare can quickly arrive at a cost of care of a potential Medicare resident prior to admission. Information pertinent to the care of the prospective client is entered and the cost of care per assessment process is calculated against the income to be received.


The PreAdmit module is designed to set up a resident admission with information prior to actual admission including PO/MAR functions. This module may be used as a resident waiting list.


The Admit module centralizes all demographic information that is pertinent to the resident's care. Tracks resident location, status and census information for billing.


The PO / MAR module enables recording, storing and tracking all treatment, lab, diet, allergies and diabetic data.


The Vitals module enables users to easily enter and access all resident's vital information for future reference and reporting. Track weight variances and print out a variety of reports concerning significant weight changes.

Care Plan

Set up Care Plans for specific problems. Set Goals and Methods by date to monitor progress.


The ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tracks all activities and monitors progress over any time line.


MDS 3.0 formats information for electronic submission, calculates RUG-IV scores and completes an accuracy check. This module includes an automatic PPS Calculator.


All entries in the Notes module are logged by author, subject, date and time for reference.


The CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) module includes worksheets and reports for Acuity Monitoring, Risk Monitoring, Change in Status and the CMS 672 and 802 survey forms.


Select from more than 80 Reports. All the information you need is instantly at your finger-tips.

Resident Trust

The Resident Trust module details resident account information with automatic interest calculation and disbursement. Included are detailed summaries of account transactions.

   Phone Book

The Phone Book module is required to use the software. Access this screen to add physician, insurance carrier, hospital, and mortuary information.


The Utilities module enables customization of the program for your facility.

Real Time MAR

Use the Real-Time MAR (Medication Administrator Record) module to chart when a medication was given or refused, as well as other things such as blood pressure or pulse.


Electronic CNA ADL Charting That Makes Perfect "Cents"

  • S-cores is a web based software, capable of being hosted from our servers on the Internet via SSL or by locally hosting. It is created to take the confusion out of calculating ADL scores!
  • The complex differences between Extensive and Limited Assistance is no longer a challenge for a facility that decides to use this intuitive software. The facility will be confident that its MDS 3.0 scores are always correct.
  • Over 30 reports are available, including the extremely powerful lookback report, which can pull data as far back as Scores has been used.
  • Staff are guided through a series of questions designed to calculate self-performance categories easily.

WinCare Integrated A/R Billing

Features and Benefits

 (No need to use 3rd party billers)
Auto POST 835 remittance for your convenience
Master Files

The Master Files module contains key data for your facility that is used throughout the WinCare Financial Billing Program. Enter information that is pertinent to your facility.


Ancillary services and revenue are easily tracked for each billing period. Reports are provided to show the amount of services and generated revenue.


The Billing module is census driven and contains the functions needed to generate bills, and close a period. It also generates invoices and statements for single and multiple facilities.

   Billing Notes

The Billing Notes module contains the functions to add, edit, or view correspondence and assigned tasks regarding resident billing.


The Claims module contains the functions needed to create UB04's.


The EDI module contains the functions needed to create HIPPAA certified transmission files.


The Payments module enables the entry of single payments or batch payments on accounts. Distribution of a single payment for multiple invoices.


Use to issue a Refund to a resident or edit an existing refund in a current posting period.


The Adjustments module contains the functions to correct errors or override entries in the census.

   AR Reports

Print and preview more than 50 standard Accounts Receivable Reports. Specify sort options by residents and dates to generate the desired information.

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WinCare will meet the numerous requirements for SNF facilities that will be effective in 2014 and 2015.

   General Ledger

The General Ledger button links to the General Ledger program.





Electronic MCO (MxCase Optimizer)
  • Is compatible with all clinical systems - designed to enhance your existing clinical software
  • Revolutionary process is proactive and does not depend on completed or submitted MDS to optimize
  • Assists the MDS nurses in deciding when to do another assessment to capture a change in the care and services provided
  • The system pays for itself in the first 30 days.
  • MxCASE OPTIMIZER generates .10-.20 point sustainable CMI increases resulting in $2-$4 PPD increases per resident and an average .04 increase on day 1.

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