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Optimize YOUR Case Mix Scores and More...

Most facilities agree they miss revenue and end up delivering some free care!
MAX•CASE•OPTIMIZER solves this problem by helping you receive the
reimbursement for the care and services you provide.

MAX•CASE•OPTIMIZER from WinCare assists Long Term Care facilities in managing case mix by identifying subtle changes in resident care on a daily basis that impact the RUG score. The MAX•CASE•OPTIMIZER solution provides you the work flow process and questions that become a part of your everyday 15 minute morning meeting.

The system tracks every scenario every day with 35,000 combinations in the last 14 days by simply checking some very specific direct patient care information.

Compatibility and Enhancement

  • Is compatible with all clinical systems - designed to enhance your existing clinical software
  • MDS 3.0 compatible
  • Revolutionary process is proactive and does not depend on completed or submitted MDS to optimize

Better management oversight

  • MDS nurse is kept abreast of specific changes in resident care that directly impacts changes to the CMI
  • Assists the MDS nurses in deciding when to do another assessment to capture a change in the care and services provided
  • Helps Administrators, Corporate Staff and Owners monitor daily the results of resident care and case mix

Improved Reimbursement – ROI

  • The system pays for itself in the first 30 days.
  • MAX•CASE•OPTIMIZER generates .10-.20 point sustainable CMI increases resulting in $2-$4 PPD increases per resident and an average .04 increase on day 1.

Getting Started

  • Participate in on-line webinar
  • We put 30 days of chart data into the system at setup with only 1 day of training
  • Designed with your clinical staff in mind to be very user friendly
  • MCO is designed by and implemented by training coach Brooke Evans MDS Coordinator and Consultant
From President and CEO Bill Inge “If MCO does not deliver the results indicated above, I will
personally provide you with a money back guarantee less training and associated costs.
That’s My Promise.”

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