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Skilled Nursing Homes

From pre-admit to discharge and everything in between, you will manage everything care-related faster and easier, whatever the size of your facility.

Assisted Living

WinCare’s Integrated Billing allows the central business office to instantly pull together billing and accounts payable information for all facilities.

Hospital Step Down Units

Offering a step-down unit creates a new set of challenges for hospitals. WinCare can help you manage this critical service offering.

Clinical Suite

Until you experience it, you cannot imagine the efficiency and speed WinCare’s Clinical Software Suite brings to your facility.

Record entries once, handle everything care related and see resident care updates from various team members in real time, all integrated in one easy to use system and customizable to your facility and needs. 

Clinical Suite with Integrated A/R

Instantly and seamlessly integrate your daily clinical activities into financial functions ready for billing. 

Stop wasting time pulling together error-prone reports which costs you money. WinCare’s MDS Software with Integrated Billing includes all of the features of the Clinical Suite, plus it will quickly do the heavy lifting of billing and payables. 


Scores allows CNAs the ability to chart bedside with prompts which take the guess work out of calculating ADL scores. When it is time for an MDS assessment, Section G ADL values are automatically displayed. This eliminates forgotten daily chores and can boost your RUGs score, which in turn boosts your revenue.

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MX•CASE•OPTIMIZER for Case Mix States

MX•CASE•OPTIMIZER helps facilities in case mix states capture, report and be paid on many care duties that are lost each day. MDS nurses can more quickly and easily keep informed about specific changes in resident care, decide whether to do another assessment to capture the change and administrators can monitor daily the results of reside care and case mix.

Because so much money is left on the table for facilities in case mix states, MX•CASE•OPTIMIZER will pay for itself in 30 days or your money back! If you are in a case mix state, talk to us!

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Add Ons / Enhancement - Modules

It’s not very often that you will find a company that thinks of everything it can do to make your life easier…but that’s WinCare!   


Clinical Add-On Modules

Keep track of special needs and requirements easily with WinCare’s Clinical Add-Ons:

  • Fall Risk Assessments,
  • Pressure Sore Risk Assessments
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • And More!


Professional Accounting Package

A collection of eight necessary functions for the business office of any facility:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Inventory Management and Purchase Orders
  • And More!


The MDS Software of Choice

Besides the all encompassing functionality of our LTC software, can you name the 9 major benefits WinCare provides its clients? Take a look...the list is pretty amazing and beyond expectation!

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24/7 Real Live Support

No “support tickets” that leave you wondering if you’ll ever hear back: At WinCare you can call Support and get a real, live person 24/7. If you’re a client and need help, click below to get the phone number!

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Get to Know Us!

Since 1976 we’ve been providing facilities just like your own LTC software that is geared toward decreasing administrative time and tasks while increasing productivity and revenue, and in the ever-changing healthcare environment we’ll keep you ahead of the curve while making your life easier. We’re so confident you’ll love the entire suite of WinCare support that we even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Isn’t it time you got to know us?

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About Us

MIT, LLC provides advanced LTC data management software systems in its WinCare products, emphasizing intuitive use while optimizing productivity and revenues for Long Term Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospital Step-Down Units. Because we continually test our systems in clinical settings, we build from the ground up a unique platform packed with an understanding of what you need while offering you the flexibility to customize the application to your unique situation. With 24/7 live tech support and free system upgrades to keep you ahead of changes, WinCare solutions have become the most trusted name and the standard-bearer in LTC clinical and financial software.