I care like WinCare
I care like WinCare
I'm a nurse and I care
I'm a nurse and I care

WinCare LTC Clinical Software Solutions for

Smart Charting from pre-admit to discharge, you will manage care faster, easier, and smarter. Data integrates across the clinical chart ensuring better clinical documentation with workflow, admission forms automatically completed in minutes, ADL data directing work and populating the MDS, Care Plans, Nurses notes, other clinical alerts when incomplete, inconsistent, or out-of-range. Starting as low as $425 monthly.
Easy to use AL assessment with LOC rating that links your evaluation to service plans that focus on activities, social services and some clinical that helps save time, money, and better care with management oversight starting at $100 monthly.
Automating the care process to reduce paper processing, redundancy of manual work so time and money are saved for providing care efficiently. AFH packages start as low as $50 monthly.
Providing the step-down unit/transitional care unit their unique software package for geriatric care along with integration to the hospital system.  You get "best-of-breed" in the healthcare continuum with custom reporting, 24/7 support, nominal cost along with billing and clinical data interfaces and integration to your Hospital HIE system. Solutions starting as low as $350 monthly.

MDS That Is Smart

With built-in scrubber and intelligent prompts ensuring proper clinical documentation throughout the medical chart.

24/7 Real Live Support

No “support tickets” that leave you wondering if you’ll ever hear back: At WinCare you can call Support and get a real, live person 24/7 in the US.
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Custom Reporting

Custom reports meaningful and unique for your company at no extra cost.

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Since 1976 we’ve been providing facilities just like your own facility, a solution that is designed for decreasing administrative time and tasks while increasing productivity and revenue.


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