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"She flies with her own wings,” the motto of our home state of Oregon, seems especially appropriate for a LTC software company that for over 40 years has had the goal of doing things better, even when we’ve had to discover and set the trend for others to follow. Our first computer generated resident care plan software was developed in 1976. It was not only a forerunner of great things to come but a benchmark for others to try and follow. 

The purpose of MIT, LLC, the parent and inventor of WinCare, has always been to provide long term care software that: 

  • The non-technical user will easily manage, 
  • Will speed work flow surrounding resident care management, 
  • While providing the highest level of support found in the industry. 

So that we can continue to provide software that is geared toward decreasing administrative tasks and increasing productivity, we test our software suites in actual clinical environments. This allows us to achieve the level of understanding needed to provide you with the most intuitive and all-encompassing solution on the market.  

Our clients would say we’ve achieved our goal. In fact, in today’s environment where healthcare and healthcare delivery is constantly in a state of change, we’re happy that we stubbornly stuck to our emphasis on always being ahead of the curve (creating our own set of wings, so to speak) both in terms of user-friendliness and preparing for the future. It has proved to serve our clients well. 

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WinCare Building

Today our users not only enjoy a complete suite of clinical software, capable of tracking and reporting everything having to do with resident care, but an integrated billing suite which automatically captures and compiles real-time activities for automatic billing. This greatly enhances the revenue streams for facilities and was in place even before regulators dreamed of the idea. 

This is just another example of the cutting-edge delivery WinCare provides. Others include: 

  • A Full 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so don’t hesitate to give WinCare a try. 
  • No “Support Tickets”, but a phone number to a real live, knowledgeable tech. 
  • Free upgrades and updates, saving you money and frustration. 

Isn’t it time you considered WinCare? 

Take a look at the many solutions we offer. Then let’s talk.  


About Us

MIT, LLC provides advanced LTC data management software systems in its WinCare products, emphasizing intuitive use while optimizing productivity and revenues for Long Term Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospital Step-Down Units. Because we continually test our systems in clinical settings, we build from the ground up a unique platform packed with an understanding of what you need while offering you the flexibility to customize the application to your unique situation. With 24/7 live tech support and free system upgrades to keep you ahead of changes, WinCare solutions have become the most trusted name and the standard-bearer in LTC clinical and financial software.