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WinCare’s Clinical Software Suite: Making Patient Care Management Faster and Easier

WinCare’s Clinical Software Suite is the LTC software that handles everything from the pre-admit to discharge. The intuitive toolbar allows those various team members that are involved in every step of patient care to record, monitor and update aspects of care in real-time.

  • Pre-Admit and Admission modules set up your patient’s important information, including PO/MAR functions and Care Plans with the ability to track and monitor according to goals.
  • The MDS 3.0 module formats information for electronic submission, calculates RUG-IV scores and completes an accuracy check; complete with automatic PPS Calculator.
  • A Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module includes worksheets and reports for acuity and risk monitoring, change in status and the CMS 672 and 802 survey forms.
  • Vitals are easily entered and accessed for future reference and reporting. Track and report on a number of changes.
  • The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) component tracks all patient ADL activities and monitors progress over time.

WinCare’s Clinical Software Suite keeps track of all important patient information, is logged by author, subject, date and time and can be customized to the unique needs of your facility. We provide free, automatic updates both for CMS requirements and software upgrades, and with cloud hosting changes can be securely made and appear instantly.  You can even generate any of the 80 customizable available reports on a need-to-know basis from anywhere in your facility.

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WinCare's Clinical Software Suite Testimonials

“With WinCare we can admit a resident at 4:15 p.m., prepare a Care Plan and still be out by 5:00 p.m."

- Margaret Fayhe, RN Director of Nursing Services

“WinCare performs well on our 50+ PC’s and it has never failed.”

- Michael Smith, LTC Business Manager

The Clinical MDS Software with Integrated Billing

WinCare offers the option of adding an Integrated Billing Suite to our Clinical MDS Software Suite. This addition can seamlessly, quickly and efficiently integrate your daily clinical activities into financial functions and prepare them for billing. It eliminates the need to pull together information into error-prone reports which often leave a lot of money on the table. Like our Clinical MDS Software, the Integrated Billing Suite uses an intuitive toolbar where everything is just a click away. Pay and get paid from this single software!

  • Doctor feesThe Billing Module is census driven and contains the functions needed to generate bills and close a period.
  • The Claims Module contains all of the functions needed to create UBO4’s, while the EDI Module contains the functions necessary to create HIPPAA certified transmission files.
  • Billing Notes lets you add, edit or view correspondence and assigned tasks regarding resident billing, while Ancillary Services and resulting revenues are easily tracked for each billing period.
  • Payments can be made in single payments or batch payments on accounts. Easily distribute a single payment for multiple residents and invoices, saving you multiple small entries and lots of time.
  • Adjustments allows you to correct errors or override entries in the census, and a Master File keeps key data for your facility that is customizable.

How much money are you leaving on the table by not integrating your clinical services with billing software? Many of our clients see an immediate uptick in billed services simply because everything is captured and billed out using the Clinical MDS Software and Integrated Billing Suites together!

Clinical MDS Software Testimonials

“The integrated clinical/financial program was easy to learn and to use. Support is awesome!”

- Alex Gaddy, LTC Administrator

“In five years, Tech Support has never let us down, CMS changes were always received in time.”

- Bart Reed, President, LTC Nursing Center

ADL Scores; Added Facility Revenue

Allow CNAs to provide immediate, bed-side capture of ADLs with Scores, our preferred partner interface. Staff can update resident ADL activities at completion instead of charting from memory later on, ensuring details are not missed or forgotten. When it is time for an MDS assessment you can go into Section G and load the suggested values from the software.

In addition, Scores can record alerts when the resident experiences difficulties or extraordinary events, such as the beginning of skin breakdown, has pain more than 3 times in 24 hours, is not wearing dentures or glasses or for equipment malfunctions such as chair or bed alarms.

The beauty of Scores for the facility is that it takes the confusion out of calculating ADL scores. Staff are guided through a series of questions designed to calculate self-performance for things such as transfers, pain, falls, intake, ambulation, vital signs, range of motion, height and weight and positioning. Because there is less guess work during the recording of an ADL, the more accurate the recording, and as studies have shown, the higher the MDS 3.0 score. This means more revenue for your facility.

For further information about Scores, please contact our support team.

MX•CASE•OPTIMIZER for Case Mix States

Most facilities in case mix states agree they miss revenue and end up delivering some care for free. MXCASEOPTIMIZER solves this problem by helping you receive all of the reimbursement for the care and services you provide. By simply implementing MXCASEOPTIMIZER into the work flow during that 15-minute RN meeting at the beginning of every shift, or during RN rounds, you’ll be able to more completely manage case mix by identifying subtle changes in resident care that impact the RUG score.

The result?

  • MDS nurses are kept abreast of specific changes in resident care that directly impacts changes to the CMI. 
  • The MDS nurse can then decide when to do another assessment to capture a change in the care and services provided.
  • Administrators and owners can monitor daily the results of resident care and case mix. 

MXCASEOPTIMIZER pays for itself within the first 30 days because it generates .10-.20 point sustainable CMI increases. This results in $2 to $4 per patient increases, with an average .04 increase on day one!

“If MXCASEOPTIMIZER does not deliver the results indicated above, I will personally provide you with a money back guarantee less training and associated costs. That’s my promise.”

- Bill Inge, President and CEO of WinCare

For further information about MXCASEOPTIMIZER, please contact us.

Optional Add-Ons for Additional Enhancement

WinCare is most concerned about your success, the ease at which you can achieve the highest quality of patient management and increasing your level of reimbursement. You’ve already read about the Clinical MDS Software Suite, the additional support of adding the Integrated Billing option for fast and accurate billing, plus our Score affiliation and the MX•CASE•OPTIMIZER for LTC in case mix states.

Take a look at additional support we can provide.

Clinical Add-On Modules

You have a lot to keep track of, and every patient can be different. WinCare’s Clinical Add-On Module keeps track of things that may not be associated with every patient, but for those with special requirements or needs. Pressure Sore Risk Assessments, Fall Risk Assessments, Pre-Screen and Swing Beds are just a few. This module will help you track Behavior Monitoring, Civil Rights Reports plus fluid balances, food intake, and hemoglobin/hematocrit lab values, which can be important on MDS assessments.

Professional Accounting Package

Our Professional Accounting Package is a collection of eight necessary functions for the efficiency of any facility. This collection includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Manager, General Ledger, Inventory Management, Order Entry, Payroll and Purchase Orders for all 50 states. This package also features multiple company management and unlimited entries for clients, vendors, inventory items, employees and general ledger accounts. It also allows for export into standard desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite. Manage everything financial, all from one suite with our Professional Accounting Package!

For further information about these additional supports, please contact us.

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MIT, LLC provides advanced LTC data management software systems in its WinCare products, emphasizing intuitive use while optimizing productivity and revenues for Long Term Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospital Step-Down Units. Because we continually test our systems in clinical settings, we build from the ground up a unique platform packed with an understanding of what you need while offering you the flexibility to customize the application to your unique situation. With 24/7 live tech support and free system upgrades to keep you ahead of changes, WinCare solutions have become the most trusted name and the standard-bearer in LTC clinical and financial software.