WinCare LTC software enhances the work flow, recording, reporting and integration for so many areas of LTC management that we put together a few simple documents to show you our capabilities. Click on any one or all of the Features documents to see what it is like to use WinCare. Use any of these in conjunction with an online demonstration.

Contact us for an online demo to see the functionality of WinCare. View the ease that is WinCare and get your questions answered as you go!

WinCare LTC Software Suite

This suite does the heavy lifting in LTC management. Within the LTC Software Suite you find MDS, Care Plans, PO/MAR screens, vitals reporting and more – everything for resident care at your fingertips!

WinCare LTC Software Suite with Integrated Billing

Why waste time capturing and filling out billing for reimbursement? Let our software capture it for you from the LTC Software Suite and create UBO4s, submit electronic claims and make payments with a few clicks of the mouse. Our Integrated Suite includes everything in the LTC Software Suite plus the time-saving power to pay and get paid!

WinCare Add-Ons

We know not every resident will fit into a neat, little pre-determined box. There will be some that require special recording and reporting. Our Add-Ons cover those special events and assessments for things like Pre-Screen, Pressure Sore Risk Assessments, Fall Risk Assessments, Swing Beds and more.

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Sample Reports

If you want to know what any of our 80+ reports look like, we’ve arranged samples into three categories. You can download the “big book” of sample reports for each category, plus view a few singular reports of special interest.

WinCare Clinical Sample Reports

Risk Monitoring
Pressure Sore Risk
Vital Signs Chart

View Sample Reports

WinCare Financial Reports

A/R Summary
Aging Summary
Census Detail

View Sample Reports

General Accounting Sample Reports

Vendor Outstanding
AP Aging
Acct. Activity

View Sample Reports

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About Us

MIT, LLC provides advanced LTC data management software systems in its WinCare products, emphasizing intuitive use while optimizing productivity and revenues for Long Term Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospital Step-Down Units. Because we continually test our systems in clinical settings, we build from the ground up a unique platform packed with an understanding of what you need while offering you the flexibility to customize the application to your unique situation. With 24/7 live tech support and free system upgrades to keep you ahead of changes, WinCare solutions have become the most trusted name and the standard-bearer in LTC clinical and financial software.