Why WinCare

Besides the fact that every WinCare solution is easy to learn and intuitive to use, we offer so many facility-friendly benefits that WinCare becomes the obvious choice for LTC clinical software!   

90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll find WinCare to be everything you wanted in a LTC software suite, we offer a Money Back Guarantee (even though we don’t expect you to use it)!

Push-Button Ease

No one on your team needs to feel intimidated when learning or using WinCare solutions. No one needs to know anything about computers. We use simple-to-follow icons and prompts so that even the most technically challenged feel at home using our products.

Free Upgrades

Even though our initial costs are low with flexible options, we include mandatory CMS updates (once a year) and system upgrades in your license, saving you thousands per year over other systems.

Live 24/7 Support

Don’t mess with pesky “support tickets” and wait for days to hear a reply. Pick up the phone and call! With WinCare you always get our live, U.S. based techs. If after hours you’ll get our answering service, and then you’ll hear back from our tech on call within 15 minutes.

Total Training

Come to our facility or we’ll come to yours for initial system training that is complete and fast. Internet training is also available. In the future you’ll find our systems are so easy and intuitive that new hires will quickly learn WinCare from current users in your facility.

It’s all in There

With actual LTC experience and a continual feedback from clients of what they would find beneficial, WinCare has included a place for every conceivable and helpful bit of information pertinent to your residents and support services. There will be no more “hunting and pecking” for what you need. It’s all in there!

Easy Installation and Simple System Requirements

WinCare will run in Terminal Services/Remote Desktop environments, and in Citrix on wireless networks and/or WANs. We also offer a cloud version that can be used on wireless networks.


With a click of a button, 80 reports can be generated quickly and easily on a need-to-know basis; from daily care givers to administrators and owners.

We Never Rest

We are always preparing for what is coming down the road and anticipating coming changes. WinCare will build in functionality long before the need for it becomes a regulation. This ensures your facility is always prepared for the next disruptor in your industry without you having to think about it.

For over 40 years, WinCare has geared its solutions toward decreasing your time doing tasks while increasing productivity and billable revenues. We’re more than a software provider; we’re your partner in LTC management. Isn’t it time you moved up to WinCare?